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How Talent Analytics Builds Powerful Succession Planning


As a component of the overall Talent Planning/Talent Management process within organizations, succession planning is an undertaking that generally aims to strike a balance between the objective and the subjective. When comparing internal versus external candidates at all levels within a company, insights into global labor market intelligence are paramount to developing a holistic succession planning initiative. 

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How Talent Analytics Jumpstarts Your Location Strategy


Successful organizations all have one thing in common: they know that the key to winning in an increasingly challenging market lies within recruiting the best talent available. However, whereas successful organizations used to get by recruiting within just their local metropolitan area, today’s more competitive talent market paired with more flexible working arrangements has both enabled and necessitated that businesses work to attract talent from a broader geographic area across the globe. 

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Client Story: TELUS International Transformed their Talent Acquisition with Horsefly


With the rapid expansion of TELUS International’s business, including multiple acquisitions and new delivery centers, there was mounting pressure on the Talent Acquisition team to provide timely and accurate talent data. The manual process of investigating each line of business, analyzing salaries, assessing candidate experience, and factoring in human capital information was cumbersome and inefficient.

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How Talent Analytics Strengthen Your Internal Mobility Success


From labor shortages to hiring freezes, understanding the external labor market versus the internal talent marketplace within an organization is paramount to determining whether or not to invest internally or externally to fill open roles or new positions. When organizations find themselves needing to fill an open position, they often default to primarily sourcing talent from outside of their existing employee population.

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