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How Talent Analytics Builds Powerful Succession Planning

As a component of the overall Talent Planning/Talent Management process within organizations, succession planning is an undertaking that generally aims to strike a balance between the objective and the subjective. When comparing internal versus external candidates at all levels within a company, insights into global labor market intelligence are paramount to developing a holistic succession planning initiative. 

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How Talent Analytics Jumpstarts Your Location Strategy

Successful organizations all have one thing in common: they know that the key to winning in an increasingly challenging market lies within recruiting the best talent available. However, whereas successful organizations used to get by recruiting within just their local metropolitan area, today’s more competitive talent market paired with more flexible working arrangements has both enabled and necessitated that businesses work to attract talent from a broader geographic area across the globe. 

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How Talent Analytics Strengthen Your Internal Mobility Success

From labor shortages to hiring freezes, understanding the external labor market versus the internal talent marketplace within an organization is paramount to determining whether or not to invest internally or externally to fill open roles or new positions. When organizations find themselves needing to fill an open position, they often default to primarily sourcing talent from outside of their existing employee population.

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Big Data and Business Intelligence - What Executives Need to Know

Horsefly Analytics undertook an extensive survey of US and UK-based HR, TA professionals, business strategists, recruiters, and other stakeholders to gain insight into how they handle recruitment’s most pressing issues. Our respondents were from various industries, including healthcare, technology, recruitment agencies, the public sector, and financial institutions. The survey aimed to uncover how businesses prepare for the future of Talent Acquisition and which strategies create a pipeline of diverse leaders, managers, and specialists.

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The Great Shuffle or Great Reshuffle - What's happening in 2022?

There is a lot of talk about the latest phase of recovery from the covid period. Have you noticed how everything is preceded by “Great.” Currently, the most popular term and discussion point goes under the label of “the great resignation”. It was where they were moved to post “the great rehire”, which followed “the great lock down.” Everything, it seems, has to be great, but is this great resignation really what it seems, or is it best described as “hyperbole.”

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