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Telling a Story With Data

I was asked to meet a friend who is a talent acquisition leader for “coffee” recently. These requests have been coming back fast since the lifting of restrictions, and I have to admit that I have really missed meeting folks reasonably randomly for “coffee”, in and about town.

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Tech Talent Demand: What is Going On?

A Data Driven Look at the Tech Talent Marketplace

If you follow the talk around tech hiring, it is easy to form the view that things are going gangbusters at the moment, and that demand for tech talent has never been higher. The competition has never been more fierce in this theoretical war for talent, with companies battling it out from a scarce talent pool.

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DE&I Analytics

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Understanding Diversity Metrics

How serious are companies really about diversity, equity, and inclusion? 

Like everyone, I have been following the talk and proclamations about the need to get serious about Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. During the last year, I have got a real sense that there is a lot more intent to actually try to tackle some of the challenges in this area in the quest to create a working world that is basically “fair.”

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Are You a Data Dinosaur?

How do you recognise a data dinosaur within Talent Acquisition?

Being a dinosaur means believing that you are collecting and using information that informs and measures but, in reality, the world has moved on. You have been left behind and are no longer evolving. You are marking time, probably keeping everyone happy until that moment when your organisation realises that their competitors seem to have an advantage, they don’t seem to have the recruitment and attraction problems you do, and they take a look at why!

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Where Does All This Data Come From?

It doesn’t seem possible that anyone can make a comment in any of the recruiting Facebook groups without being asked for the source and validity of the data. This is understandable, given that so much data is shared in a debate, often without reference to where that number has come from. Recruiting, in particular, has also suffered from urban myth syndrome. Popular truths, that said enough times by enough people become accepted law, even though they don’t necessarily stand up to a data sniff test. I often find myself asking: “Do you think that, or do you know that?”

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