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Skills: The New Currency

In the second of the series of blog posts covering the topics I spoke about at Recfest, I have been asked to expand on skills based hiring. In doing this, we need to start by looking at the assumptions we make in our hiring process now, in order to understand the changes we may need to adopt, and the part talent market insights will play in this.

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How Hard Is It To Fill Your Jobs?

I have been working with data companies like Horsefly's CEO, Will Crandle, over the last three months to try to properly understand labor market insights, and what is actually useful to recruiters when it comes to filling roles. I know that there continues to be a lot of talk about how recruiters are, or could use data to perform better, beyond adopting a rinse and repeat approach to hiring. We understand and acknowledge that data in decision making is important, as we try to move from reliance on “gut feel” based on experience, to something a bit more provable. 

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