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How Talent Acquisition Professionals Are Beating the Growing Talent Shortage

In case you missed it, we recently discussed the impact the national talent shortage is having on key industries and how workforce planning professionals are addressing it. In short, it’s up to workforce planning professionals to ensure everyone is working towards a common vision and can contribute their expertise to address skill shortages effectively. But it’s not their role alone.

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Charting the Future of Work: Insights from the Strategic Workforce Planning Event in London

In the heart of London, industry leaders, HR professionals, and strategic thinkers came together at the recent Strategic Workforce Planning Event. The gathering provided valuable insights into the journey towards a dynamic and proactive future of work. The event's main theme, "Transitioning from Workforce Planning to 'Workforce Doing,'" echoed throughout the sessions, highlighting the essential shift from theoretical planning to practical strategies. 

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The Growing Impact of the Talent Shortage: How Key Industries are Affected by the Lack of Skilled Workers

Businesses across all industries are grappling with a challenge that shows no signs of abating - the skills shortage. Critical job roles remain unfilled for weeks and months on end, resulting in reduced productivity and increased operational costs. As a talent acquisition and workforce planning professional, you are on the front line of this issue, responsible for finding the right candidates with the necessary skills to fill those vacancies ​​and ensuring the organization is well-equipped to face future challenges to operate efficiently despite any potential skills shortages.

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Workforce Analytics Platforms and Best Practices

In today's fast-paced business environment, workforce analytics has become an indispensable tool for organizations seeking a competitive edge. By leveraging data-driven insights, business leaders can make informed decisions that enable them to attract and retain top talent, optimize workforce planning, and drive diversity and inclusion. However, selecting the right workforce analytics platform is crucial for achieving the desired outcomes.

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