How Talent Analytics Offers a Cheat Sheet for Hiring Manager Conversations

When it comes to Talent Planning (e.g., talent acquisition, talent management, succession planning, or organizational design), alignment between the Hiring Manager, key hiring stakeholders, and their talent/HR business partners are essential to successfully hiring, promoting, and retaining top talent for business-critical roles. 

From the initial intake call at the launch of a search to extending and negotiating an offer, or during the key status updates along the way, Horsefly Analytics’s Global Labor Market Intelligence platform can help talent partners set clear expectations and inform data-centric recommendations throughout the talent planning process.

Defining Hiring Manager Conversations

Hiring Manager Conversations encompass those strategic conversations between Hiring Managers and Talent Acquisition partners regarding past, present, future, and/or potential hiring plans. Navigating these conversations successfully allows the parties to build trust and establish an efficient and effective recruiting strategy.

How Horsefly Can Help

The best talent acquisition teams know that successfully partnering with a Hiring Manager comes down to clear and constant communication. Furthermore, the communication should not only inform Hiring Managers about where the team is in the overall recruiting process, but also provide insight into the market dynamics affecting the search, the availability and state of the relevant talent pool, and other critical information that can influence how and where the team goes to market. 

By utilizing Horsefly Analytics’s Global Labor Market Intelligence platform, talent acquisition teams can arm themselves with pertinent labor market intelligence at the onset and throughout a search, allowing them to effectively influence and lead the recruitment strategy required to make the most effective hire in the most efficient way.

Relevance to the Organization

In today’s competitive talent market, to recruit the best talent available, talent acquisition teams need to work in partnership with their Hiring Manager to design and execute on the most effective talent strategy for each role and function. However, before one can begin to have such conversations with their Hiring Manager, they need to first ground themselves in the data.

At the onset of a search, talent partners should leverage labor market intelligence to understand the size, availability, distribution, and makeup of the relevant talent pool. In doing so, they can design a more data-driven go-to-market recruitment strategy to promote the most efficient use of resources and reduce the time it takes to fill the position.

For example, should the labor market intelligence suggest that the market for a particular position is more competitive than originally thought, that the supply is lacking within a specific location, or that the talent pool is generally lacking in diversity, the talent partner will be equipped with the data to proactively address any potential challenges and set realistic expectations with the Hiring Manager.

Labor market intelligence also equips talent partners to have a more thorough discussion with the Hiring Manager and partners when it comes to compensation. Understanding the average salary of specific talent pools can aid a Hiring Manager’s efforts to remain competitive in the market and recruit the optimal caliber of talent for their needs.

How to Utilize Horsefly

When looking to have data-driven conversations with a Hiring Manager, Horsefly customers can:

  • Leverage the platform’s talent supply and demand data to understand the ideal location(s) for sourcing critical talent.
  • Utilize the platform’s Keyword, Companies, and talent pool demographic information to understand the composition of specific talent pools and their regional nuances.
  • Use the platform’s salary information to set appropriate compensation ranges to attract the ideal candidates.

The talent planning process can be very complex. To ensure a fair and successful decision-making process, a balanced approach to leveraging quantitative and qualitative data is essential. Each Horsefly Analytics client partner has a dedicated Customer Success Manager available to guide and support them in leveraging the most relevant Horsefly insights given their talent planning scenario. The Horsefly Analytics’s Global Labor Market Intelligence platform can help empower HR and Talent teams to have productive, data-driven conversations that can further cultivate their partnerships with Hiring Managers and their relevant stakeholders.

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