Unlocking the Power of Longitudinal Data Analysis with Horsefly Analytics

New Features for Labor Analytics in Horsefly 4.0

We are thrilled to kick off 2023 in the best way possible by introducing new features for our Horsefly 4.0 clients: longitudinal supply and demand data and prescriptive commentary.

Client companies of all sizes now have access to comprehensive, reliable datasets, helping them gain complete visibility into their inputs and outputs—ensuring inventory is always in perfect balance. 

Thanks to our new historical supply and demand data (longitudinal data), companies can better forecast upcoming trends, allowing them to capitalize on new opportunities and optimize their business strategies. Clients also have access to detailed insights from each unique search and a better real-time understanding of how their supply chain affects one another! With Horsefly 4.0's new features, clients can be more informed and confident decision-makers within their industry than ever before.

Tracking Labor Supply and Demand Over Time (Longitudinal Data)

Tracking labor data over time can be a powerful tool for examining changing trends and market needs. By analyzing longitudinal data, Horsefly is providing talent acquisition and workforce planning professionals with the ability to see the historical movements in supply and demand side by side across different industries and geographic locations. 


This deep analysis allows users to see how supply and demand have changed over time and predict future events that may affect recruitment efforts. With this valuable insight, hiring professionals can quickly gain an edge over their competition by being better equipped to decide when it's most advantageous to source the perfect candidate. Horsefly's use of longitudinal data has set a new standard for understanding ever-changing recruitment metrics.

Expert Analysis at Your Fingertips (Prescriptive Commentary)

Our new prescriptive commentary offers genuine insight into the labor market, allowing you to become a recruitment strategist in your organization. 

This feature translates search results into actionable insights, including years of experience, gender/ethnicity breakdowns for this search, top companies hiring for this profile, top universities producing these graduates, related job titles, and keywords associated with this job market.  This feature also provides a more profound analysis than simple keyword matching by looking at semantic richness better to assess the job market and workforce around you. 


Our prescriptive commentary removes any guesswork from interpreting data by providing detailed summaries of your searches that can be immediately acted upon, such as identifying top-related job titles, the most common ethnicity-gender demographics for talent pools, or even the best places to hire for a role. In addition, we have incorporated feedback from our clients to refine this feature – ensuring it provides you with the most accurate and timely information on today’s labor market trends. 

We are confident that our new prescriptive commentary feature will give you an edge in understanding current labor forces and markets so that you can make smarter decisions quickly and confidently. 

Now more than ever, staying ahead of labor market trends is essential. With Horsefly's powerful new tracking and prescriptive commentary features, you'll have all the insight you need to make informed decisions in the recruitment process. Our understanding of the labor supply and demand data can give you the upper hand in acquiring top talent - making your job easier and enabling you to hire accurately and confidently. 

Make the most of your Horsefly experience! Let our top-tier customer service team walk you through how Horsefly can make you the smartest person in the room and drive your business forward! Set up a free demo here.

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