Horsefly 4.0 is Live - Now with Longitudinal Supply & Demand

Talent Insights for Paris

Longitudinal supply and demand data and prescriptive commentary are now live in Horsefly 4.0! Read more about the benefits of these innovations below. 

Longitudinal Data

Our newest feature, longitudinal data, overlays historical talent supply and demand on the same graph. With this revolutionary feature, Horsefly users can easily view trends in data and identify potential events that may have affected these movements. Through this data analysis, hiring and workforce planning professionals can now accurately forecast when the market will be most favorable for recruiting - unlocking the immense potential to help them find the ideal candidate pool ahead of their competition. 

Talent Insights for Moscow

Prescriptive Commentary
Our new prescriptive commentary immediately gives you the tools to be the expert voice in your organisation.  This feature translates search results into actionable insights. It includes analysis on: years of experience, most common ethnicity and gender breakdown for this search, top companies to find this profile, top universities producing these graduates, top related job titles, and keywords. We will be working with our clients to refine this feature with their feedback on what they’d like to see in the commentary.  

Talent Insights for Atlanta

Have any questions about these new features? What do you want to see from our next release? Leave your thoughts below!

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