Webinar Replays: Preparing for the Upcoming Hiring Tsunami

Missed our webinar? Below you can view individual presentations including a preview of what new data will be in Horsefly in the next few months. 

David Jonathan Vinter, Global Talent Pipeline Manager, Ørsted:

Expectations from management about hiring a diverse workforce can be challenging and unrealistic. Hear how Ørsted manages expectations and shapes hiring decisions at the board level by utilising labour market insights, and has successfully used Horsefly to earn a seat at the table and save money.  David will go over in detail how Horsefly has been key to his department's success and increased visibility and importance within their organisation.  Watch his presentation:

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Rhod Kingdom, Digital & Rail Teams Resourcing Manager, Department for Transport:

How DfT is utilising Horsefly to become more efficient: DfT used to do manual market analysis which has been replaced by using Horsefly, which they use research salaries, locations, and job descriptions
Using the platform to benchmark salaries and get the necessary financial and salary data to drive projects that require hiring in newly created hubs.  Watch Rhod's presentation:

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Richard Burgess-Kelly, Head of Growth Strategy, Shared Services Connected Ltd:

Richard discussed the beginning of their Horsefly Journey: What made them subscribe to Horsefly after evaluating other labour market insight platforms, and how they are utilising Horsefly as a value added service for clients and prospects
How they are using Horsefly internally to recruit for their open positions and drive hiring strategy.  Watch Richard's presentation below:

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Will Crandle, CEO, Horsefly Analytics:

Will quickly previews some upcoming exciting new data sets that will be available within the next few months:

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