Case Study: Admiral Group Uses Talent Analytics to Accomplish Workforce Planning Initiatives

Admiral Group, a leading UK based insurer that employs over 10,000 people, had only done a pilot of remote working for a very small percentage of their workforce in 2019.  With the COVID-19 pandemic, they quickly had to adjust their remote work policy and look to fill hard to fill roles across the UK.   

Admiral had no tools in place to help locate skill sets and get compensation data.  They would use LinkedIn recruiter licences to contact prospective candidates but found the technology talent they wanted to reach didn’t readily respond to LinkedIn messages.

They also had a lofty strategic goal to become one of the best tech employers in the UK, and increase the number of women employed across their brands.

Download the case study to learn about how Admiral was able to use Horsefly's data to meet their diversity and hiring goals, while being able to better define product roadmaps.

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